Gemma Whelan Interview at Belfast Film and Comic Con 26/10/14

Check out our chat with Gemma Whelan at Belfast Film and Comic Con at the Odyssey Arena 26/10/14:

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Belfast Film and Comic Con 25th/26th October 2014.

For the first time ever, I walked into the Odyssey arena and was greeted by a man coming towards me in a pair of leather pants and a cape alá 300 stating that ‘yes…he was cold’. Welcome to Belfast Film and Comic Con! ;)

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Book Review: ‘Kingdom of Scars’ by Eoin C Macken


‘Kingdom of Scars’ is the first novel by Eoin C Macken. The story is set in Dublin and from the point of view of Sam – the outsider desperately seeking to belong in the group and his journey in those fun teenage years which we all remember (but may not necessarily cherish). The tale of Sam is a common one; the learning of and acceptance of the person you actually are instead of the person you think you should be for others.


The book captured my imagination from the very first line and held it until the last as Macken presents his world in such vivid prose that it feels like you are a part of it. Whilst reading I spotted everyone I remember from my own teenage-dom…the bitchy girls…show off boys…the rebels wishing for a cause. I particularly loved the description of the ‘nemesis’ teacher (one whom we have all experienced!) with ‘a pair of beady, green eyes languished on him with that bored, hopeful look that teachers have when they are searching for an excuse to enforce their power and assert themselves’. I empathized with Sam and his troubles during this coming-of-age story and found myself quite delighted with the end result for the character following his experiences, as it felt like the story ended on a breath of fresh air .


4 stars ****

Available now at Amazon and Poolbeg.

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EVENT: Young Adult Literature Convention 2014

I had the pleasure of spending most of last weekend in Earl’s Court attending London YALCFilm and Comic Con and the first ever Young Adult Literature Convention in the UK. I had been warned to get there bright and early as there would be queues. So I dragged myself out of bed at a quarter past five or so and got there about half six (which I am pretty sure qualifies as very very early). There was already a queue, but I at least was near the head of it. I’d forgotten to buy a ticket in advance but buying a ticket on the day was no problem as there was clearly marked queues. And shortly after nine, I was in. Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

FangirlAs part of the run up to the first ever Young Adult Literature Convention in the UK which was held in London a week ago as part of the bi-annual London Film and Comic Con, I was asked to write a review of ‘Fangirl‘ by Rainbow Rowell.

I absolutely adore this book and would greatly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

The review can be found here and there will be a full review of the event following shortly!



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Gozilla IMAX has teamed up with Warner Bros UK,  ODEON Cinemas and Imagine Publishing to challenge fans to create the most epic, larger-than-life Godzilla poster for a chance to have their artwork displayed in ODEON Cinemas throughout the UK.

Time to get those creative juices flowing as director Gareth Edwards selecting the winner who captures the true essence of the upcoming movie, which arrives in IMAX® 3D cinemas on May 15 throughout the UK.

Participants can find inspiration from the story of Godzilla or choose to focus on the scope and scale of the monster. The guidelines require the artwork to be original and BADASS!

Fans can visit the IMAX blog for contest details and rules for submission:

Contest Details:

Contest runs until the 19 April and is for UK residents only. All entries should be of original creation.  Official Godzilla 2014, original TOHO, or 1998 Godzilla artwork and images cannot be repurposed or re-used in the submitted artwork. Complete rules are included on IMAX’s website.


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REVIEW: Divergent


A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to a screening of Divergent to review it for Screenjabber. They’ve kindly consented to my linking the review here. Please do check it out and go see the film when it’s released here in the UK on Friday!

I’m also working on a review of the book trilogy by Veronica Roth that inspired the film so do keep an eye out for that!

The review can be found here



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Cuban FuryLast night I braved the rain and the wind in Leicester Square to attend the world premiere of Nick Frost’s new film ‘Cuban Fury’ on behalf of Be The Red Carpet. Despite the weather it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and the cast in attendance were so lovely and friendly! There was even entertainment in the form of dancers showing us their moves on the red carpet. Check out the link below for the first wave of interviews and keep an eye out for the rest!

Cuban Fury Premiere Interviews PT1 – Olivia Coleman, Chris O’Dowd & Rashida Jones

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Robocop World PremiereRobocop had it’s world premiere at the BFI IMAX in London last night. In an effort to keep the stars on their toes, IMAX gave them 20 seconds to comply when asked to pitch one of this year’s most eagerly awaited films.

Joel Kinnaman (Alex Murphy/Robocop) said: “Robocop is a grown-up action movie that takes itself seriously. It’s an action tragedy on a big scale with mind-blowing effects and IMAX is just the way to watch it!”

Abbie Cornish (Clara Murphy) said: “We’re delighted with the movie. It’s a revenge story with real depth… You’re going to see beautiful work on a massive beautiful screen.”

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Happy Birthday to us!

Thank You!
For An Amazing Year!It has been a year since I first started this website! A whole year! That is just insane to me because it doesn’t feel like that amount of time has past but thinking back on it, so much has happened! I gained an amazing ‘partner in crime’ also known as Louise and we’ve gone to Collectormania MK, Manchester Expo, Cardiff Film and Comic Con , Galway Film Fleadh in the summer and we even did a Q&A at ColdCon 2!

We’ve interviewed some amazing people and had a lot of great stuff sent our way so I would just like to say thank you to everyone to has helped and supported us in this last year.
All of this great stuff wouldn’t have happened without the support of some key people who I’m going to gush about right now!

Firstly, my aforementioned ‘partner in crime’ Louise aka the other (some would say better) half of CandidChaos. We might be small but we’re a hell of a lot more than we were a year ago and none of it would be possible without the help, support and friendship of this woman. She helps me out, does amazing interviews, tells me when I’m being an idiot and is just all around awesome. I couldn’t have done any of it without her and I wouldn’t want to!
A special shout out has to go to Áine Quinn, who reviews theatre for us from time and to time and is our go to camera woman!

When I first wanted to start a website, I went to my friend Christa Ktorides who is TV editor for This Is Fake DIY and basically begged her for wisdom and advice. She was so lovely and gave me a review to write (shameless plug: here) for DIYTV which just cemented in my mind that this is something I could do and that I wanted to do! She and another brilliant friend of mine; Talie Delemere of Be The Red Carpet have been such amazing mentors to me with giving me experience with interviews and writing reviews. Go check out their sites because they are amazing, wonderful people who I am so honoured to know.

Another thanks I have to bestow is to Eoin Macken and Tom Hopper who kindly let us host the Q&A at the London screening of their film COLD. I was so honoured that they asked us to do it that I was actually speechless which if you know me is a mean feat! COLD is such a brilliantly evocative and thought provoking film and ColdCon was such a pleasure to be apart of! Definitely one of the highlights of CandidChaos’s first year.

And last but not least I have to thank everyone who reads our posts, watches our interviews & videos, likes us on Facebook and follows us on twitter.
CandidChaos wouldn’t exist without all the support you guys give us.

Here’s to another wonderful year!

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