Hello 2017! New Year, Fresh Start!


Yes, CandidChaos is still alive! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we are back and better than ever!

Well we're back.

You'll notice that we have a snazzy new layout and header but all of our lovely previous content is gone. Is it gone forever you ask? In short: yes. It pains me to say it but all of the content from the previous incarnation of this website is gone.

I have to hold my hands up and say, I screwed up. When CandidChaos was at it's peak, over 30,000 unique hits a month which isn't much to some but to me it was bloody brilliant, I was dealing with massive personal drama and I let my lovely little website fall by the wayside. So much so that I let the hosting lapse and when I realised, it was too late. And my only backup of the site was corrupted.

This has been a harsh lesson for me because I put my heart and soul into CandidChaos. I was so proud of the content that I and my lovely friends Louise and Áine had created. I took it for granted and now all of the wonderful events we covered and the interviews we did aren't there anymore. It saddens me so much, I can't even describe.

All throughout 2016 I considered relaunching CandidChaos from scratch but it was the thought of writing this post, this post where I admit my vast failure and shortcomings, that put me off relaunching. How could I start from scratch when I'd dropped the ball so massively? These thoughts haunted me all throughout 2016 but no more.

I have a personal blog which I really found my feet with in the latter half of 2016 and that, among other things, has inspired me to start afresh with CandidChaos in 2017. It won't be the same website but hopefully I can do the old one justice.

I'm no longer living in London so there won't be any snazzy events, film premieres or screenings to report. It'll be mostly opinion pieces and reviews to start off with. I've got lots of content planned which I'm really excited about and I hope that you'll really enjoy! The site is relaunching with some posts already live so go give those a perusal if you so wish!

Also, on the topic of content! In the bowels of my laptop, I do have a few pieces of our old content from previous years like our review of Cold, now Leopard, by Eoin Macken, interviews from the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh and a few other bits. Would you like for a sort of Throwback Thursday where these are posted? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading this and I hope you'll stick around for what's coming in 2017. It's gonna be a good year!